Against the deaD

Against the deaD
Against the deaD


We’re checking out the other game by nobstudio today, Against the deaD (AtD). AtD is a zombie survival game where you kill a bunch of monsters, get a break from the enemy in order to upgrade your weapons, then kill some more monsters. The upgrades will provide you with various options including new weapons, more stun power and more damage. The more damage you have the further back you’ll knock an enemy. Alternately, the more stun power you have the quicker you can spread out your damage amongst all the enemies. Decisions, decisions.

The game is controlled strictly by your keyboard. The Z X C and V keys fire and the left and right arrow keys aim our protagonist, Wilson. With certain enemies you’ll have to use specific weapon combinations in order to kill the enemy. Case in point is the vampire. First you need to break his defenses with any weapon, then shoot him with your pistol, then the shotgun, then your silver bullet. Your weapons will not fire if there’s no enemy in the selected range nor will your silver bullet fire on anything but vampires. That’s a blessing because the gun takes forever to load.

As with Book of Mages, we are treated to a lot of sharp angles in the drawing style here. There’s far more animation in AtD and that’s definitely a good thing. The background for each spawn point will change based upon which enemy you’re going to be facing, so plan accordingly.

There is no way pause and there is no mute. The music consists of one modulating note during battles and a rapidly looping jazz track between the battles. Needless to say, it can really get on your nerves.

8/10. Wilson may look a little emo but he gets the job done.

7/10. You may die your first time through so there’s some replay factor. Otherwise the game would just be more of the same. Difficulty levels or a longer game would help.

2/10. The audio really got on my nerves. Lack of mute didn’t help the situation.

8/10. This was a pretty original game and I really enjoyed it despite the music issues.

7/10. The controls will take a little getting used to. Try to stay away from the grenade when you don’t need it.

All in all this was a fun little game. You may want to keep the sound muted, though. 6/10

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