The Last Canopy

The Last Canopy
The Last Canopy


Quite frankly I’m a little unclear as to what the heck is going on with this game. I mean, obviously it’s a shooter and you blow stuff up. Beyond that you’re apparently saving a bird for some reason or another. Storyline and motivation issues aside, The Last Canopy is a pretty interesting shooter in that you start out with a basic weapon but you can steal energy from the enemy to upgrade one of your five orbs. These orbs will then fire a variation of the enemy’s weapon back at them and you can upgrade all five orbs to have the same weapon or unique weapons. This is an interesting take on the Gaiares concept of the TOZ weapon system and it works out pretty well thanks to the eventual downgrade of the orbs and the fact that you have multiple orbs. Keep in mind that bigger enemies will take longer to grab a weapon from.

The Last Canopy has all sorts of controls for you to learn. Fortunately for us gamers there is a constant on-screen display for the controls on the right-hand side of the screen. The controls are as follows “U” for quality, “I” for particles, “Y” or “Z” for shoot, “X” for absorb, “P” for pause, and “Q” twice to quit. The arrow keys or mouse will allow you to move around the playing field. Keep in mind that you cannot use the mouse to fire.

The graphics have a very neon feel to them. You can see this in the wings of the pixie, the bullets, and in your absorption beam. The enemies are very well detailed and the bosses are especially well drawn. There’s a lot going on at any given time and you may experience some slow-down. If this is the case then you’ll want to turn off the particles and perhaps reduce the quality.

The Last Canopy has excellent music and some decent sound effects. There is a mute button if the music doesn’t jive for some reason or another. Muting the music will kill the sound effects as well, so you know.

9/10. Excellent work on the graphics, though a bit cutesy and may not be to everyone’s liking.

9/10. Even on normal difficulty I found myself in a few tight spots. Despite this it’s definitely fun.

9/10. Excellent audio.

8/10. Takes the weapon system from an old Genesis game and expands upon it nicely.

8/10. Firing from the mouse would have been really helpful.

Definitely a classic in the making, though looking at the ratings on Kongregate it’s going to be a cult classic. API added for badgey goodness. 9/10

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4 Comments on “The Last Canopy”

  1. ahbonk Says:

    Hi, thanks so much for the superb detailed review! 🙂 And wow, I’m touched to see the high scores you have given the game!

    Actually to tell you the truth, I’ve never heard of Gaiares till someone gave me that feedback in the competition page. I was quite shocked (and delighted too!) at how similar both the games are. So I actually expanded on the idea accidentally XD

    As for clicking the mouse to shoot, I have conflicting feedback about it, but I’ll stick to what I think for now. The thing is, to shoot, you hold down the mouse button instead of clicking it repetitively. And you avoid using the mouse as well, meaning that it’s too similar to the drag-and-drop function. The reason why it works in FPS is becoz you move the mouse to shoot, unlike in TLC where you move the mouse to move.

    The graphics were done by my 2 cousins, Aidi and Dzaid. They get the credit for the wonderful art 🙂

  2. thalarion Says:

    That was me that left you that feedback 😉

  3. […] in the Jay Is Games Game Design Competition #5. This game ended up winning second place overall (The Last Canopy received first place) and it was a very strong candidate for first. There were some issues that […]

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