DayMare Town

DayMare Town
DayMare Town


Mateusz Skutnik creates some really incredible games and today we’re looking at another one of his creations, DayMare Town. DMT is another point and click adventure in a long line of such games from this developer. If you don’t use a walkthrough there is going to be a long game of hunting ahead of you, but it’s well worth it. Much like the SubMachine series of games, DMT is a game where you’ll have to solve puzzles and combine objects in order to advance in the game. It would be really nice if the API was included in these games as I’m sure that would just make their popularity skyrocket but Mateusz doesn’t seem to be interested in doing that.

Your one and only device for controlling DMT is the mouse. This is even trackball and touchpad friendly so you’re pretty much set for all markets. One thing you’ll find you need to do in DMT is to combine objects. Click on one item, then click on another in your inventory to combine the objects. Sometimes you’ll need to do the same thing on the game screen, so keep that in mind as well. There aren’t many animations in this game so it’s going to be a mostly static experience.

DMT looks like a hand-drawn game. It’s very well done and has a great deal of detail to it. The people you find and the birds you have to find are drawn a little off, but that just fits with the style of the game. There isn’t any music in DMT but that is very intentional on the developer’s part as this game is really about atmosphere. You hear a constant wind blowing in the background and that just serves to accentuate the isolation that you end up feeling while exploring the town. There are other sound effects in the game to assist with the animations that you end up seeing and this just adds further to the general atmosphere.

8/10. Despite the lack of animation the game really works with this art style.

7/10. The game is fun to play but there won’t be much replay value for you once you’ve finished it.

7/10. I’m not marking down for lack of music on this game because that was intentional. Mute still would have been nice.

8/10. A tried and true formula, these point & click games. As always, Mateusz delivers with style.

8/10. Unless your mouse is a dud, the mouse is a safe bet for playing.

DayMare Town is a great game and worth playing through even if you end up having to use a walkthrough. 8/10

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3 Comments on “DayMare Town”

  1. Venzael Says:

    Not necessarily a new game; I remember playing this not long after i joined. As always, this is a faultless review, although I do think that some things were obscenely difficult to find among the scribbles.
    Such as the piece of string, which is essentially a scribble….hiding on the ground amongst other scribbles.

  2. thalarion Says:

    Ah, that’s why I included a link to a walkthrough for a change 🙂

  3. […] Daymare Town left us off crossing the bridge from the seemingly abandoned town to a castle of sorts. Daymare Town 2 starts off exactly where we left off, with you reaching the other side of the bridge ready for another adventure. Mateusz Skutnik managed to produce a fine sequel here and this one isn’t nearly the point and click nightmare that the last one was. One new game element introduced here is the coins, but I’ll speak more on that later. […]

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