Drunken Masters

Drunken Masters

10/10 overall. Seriously.

Me likey. Me likey a lot. No, not because of it’s picture on Kong. This game is an excellent remake of your average restaurant type game. You still have to create the drinks and serve them, but you can do other things. You can throw bottles around, which makes the customers happier, and do other various bar tricks. The customers are very easy to please, I’ll tell you that.

This game has awesome graphics. I like the smashing animations. Everything detailed. It’s quite hard to describe how awesome the graphics are, really. Wait… then what was that? Oh, nevermind. Like in The Last Stand, the other characters are randomly generated. New customers every night. That means that previous customers dont come back, even if you served them a perfect drink. How rude!

To serve a drank, you look at the recipe, find the ingredients, create the drink and finally hand it to the customer. It sounds easy… and it is easy. Just make sure you give the drink to the right customer. Failure to do so will result in the loss of a VIP coupon, a surprised face and tyre damage. I never see the shocked face, though. I’m just too good. Anyway, the “Flairing” is a nice addition. Everybody working behind the bar must be able to perform bar tricks of various sorts. Unfortunately, I wont be able to bounce a glass off a wall to catch falling ice in real life… ever. I can, however, high pour. If you want a sandbox mode, you can load one of the tutorials and push “H” to get rid of Frank.

When you start the game, you are greeted with a nice remix of The Final Countdown. On the main menu, you are greeted by some sort of rap song about rappers trippin’ like their shoes are untied. Yes, rap done died. Anyway, the music during serving time is actually quite good. Epic beats. I thought the pouring sounds were very realised. Yes, I’m that sad to notice the realism of the sound of pouring. But seriously now, it’s awesome. I thought the voices were fantastic, too.

It’s a bit hard to describe how awesome it is. Seriously. It’s easy when there’s room for improvement. So, yes, here’s the scores.

10/10. Detailed. Good animations. Nice character generation.

10/10. Epic fun, lots of replay, easy to learn. Severe replay value.

10/10. Realistic sounds with some great music.

10/10. An excellent change from the typical customer serving type game.

10/10. Easy to use menu. Easy controls. Signatures could have been easier to use, but it’s still excellent. You’re not going to be using all of them, are you?

Overall, 10/10. I cant describe how awesome it is. Very, very fun. Lots of things to do. Play it. Now.

Absolute perfection is very, very hard to achieve.
Drunken Masters perfection

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4 Comments on “Drunken Masters”

  1. Dan Says:

    10/10? I’m impressed. I really appreciate the effort that went into the review, and I definitely like the score. Thanks a lot!

  2. Venzael Says:

    I agree with the review, and it’s a great game. However I’m afraid of it getting badges.
    it getting badges will be just another Papa’s Pizzeria; and the comments will be flaming with people yelling at the hard badges and will sadly rate the game down judging by the (inevitably) long endurance badge.
    Makes me sad 😦

  3. […] one is with DannySeven, creator of “We Are Legend: Arockalypse” and the more recent “Drunken Masters”. These won’t be replacing the game reviews but we’ll post these as we get them so […]

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