Imagine, if you will, that your you wake up on your birthday to find yourself alone in a factory inhabited with traps and hostile creatures and no memory of your own. Your father thought this would be a nice treat for you, having to regain your memory while avoiding almost certain death. What a sadistic bastard! I’m sure Milo is going to have to go through some intensive therapy after he rejoins his father. Either that or he’s going to be on the news at 11.

M.I.L.O. is controlled by the WASD or arrow keys and you can rotate your robot by pressing the Q and E keys. Objects can be picked up and dropped by using the space bar, but some objects like crates cannot be picked up. Don’t forget the rotation keys because any time you turn you also move a space. That can cause you some real grief when you’re trying to maneuver next to a laser.

The graphics in M.I.L.O. are pretty good. They aren’t outstanding by any means, but they definitely work for this game. The music and sounds also work quite well. Keep in mind that you cannot mute from within the game but you can control the volume of the music and the sound effects separately from the options menu at the start.

7/10. Decent graphics with enough uniqueness to individualize objects.

6/10. There’s not much replay value here unless you’re looking to do the level in fewer steps.

8/10. Great music and sound effects and you can mute one or both if you don’t like them.

7/10. Standard puzzle game.

7/10. Good for lefties and righties, minus the rotate keys.

A pretty fun puzzle game worth at least a few levels. 7/10

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