Ultimate Defense

Ultimate Defense
Ultimate Defense


Now here’s a novel concept; a defense game that you can beat in under an hour! I love defense games and Ultimate Defense definitely left me wanting more from the author. I was grateful that this game was not like Protector in that the levels didn’t drag out over 20 to 40 rounds. No, each level is pretty short and sweet, with only eight levels and four rounds per each level excluding the eighth level. The boss is always on the fourth round so save your poison spell for it and you’ll do just fine. There are admittedly some balance issues once you unlock the dragon as that particular unit is really overpowered versus the enemies. Money also carries over from level to level so you can start out round three or four with a dragon and coast through the entire level until you get to the boss.

Ultimate Defense is controlled by the mouse and spacebar. You click on the unit that you want to place, click on the map to place them, then point them in the right direction (shown by white tiles) and click once more. Make sure you click the mouse twice to place your unit, but if you mess it up you can rotate each of your troops one time after final placement. The same process applies to casting a spell. Click on the poison hand icon, then click on your enemy. If you want to cancel the spell click on the hand again. Unfortunately you cannot cancel troop placement in the same way. You can also pave tiles to place more units but you really shouldn’t need to use this until level 7 where it’s all trees. Pressing space and dragging with your left mouse button will allow you to navigate around the level, though edge detection for the mouse would have been nice. A level restart option in the menu would have been really helpful.

This little gem has graphics that remind me of Ogre Battle and Landstalker. The developer did an excellent job with the art and it really took me back to the console gaming days, though there aren’t any jaggies here. Everything from the flowers to the trees to the fire-spewing dragons are exquisitely detailed and the art will really draw you into the game. There’s a little mini-map in the upper right corner that shows you the path of the level and where the enemies are all located. Keep in mind that all levels start with enemies coming in on the upper right or northeast corner.

There is no mute option in the game but fortunately it’s short enough to not make this a big issue. Both the music and sound effects are very well done. All of the attacks are differentiated enough to not make them obnoxious though I never really noticed the enemy death sounds. I guess they blended into the background.

10/10. Just plain incredible.

7/10. Once you beat the game you probably won’t go back to it. Balance issues.

7/10. Good sound but needs a mute option.

6/10. Standard defense game, nothing new added to the genre.

7/10. Mostly mouse. As mentioned earlier, edge detection for scrolling the level would have really helped.

Fixing the balance issues, adding a mute, and mouse scrolling would turn this from a good game into an excellent game. 7/10

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