Aqua Slug

Aqua Slug
Aqua Slug


Fab’s review is going to be quite hard to top. I better just jump into my review of the beach/flash version of Metal Slug. The backstory is odd… take back your stolen beach utopia from a snot-nosed kid that has declared himself in a monarchy position over the beach. There’s also something about a football in it…

As for gameplay, it is a fitting mirror image of Metal Slug. I’ve played the arcade versions of metal slug, and I can make a few comparisons. First, the gameplay is similar. The level designs are far off. Metal Slug would have less sloped environments. I do like Metal Slug, which translates into me liking this game. Another cool feature is the ability to upgrade your weapons with power-ups. Beat a hot air balloon and you’ll receive a powerful kit containing something along the lines of a triple shot squirt or a super powerful squirt or a squirt that goes through all enemies on screen. Sadly(;_;), when you lose a life (which you have 99 of, which should be enough to beat the game) you lose all power-ups. There are also smooth animations, for example, go up to a kid and fire, and you’ll hit them with your shovel. Smooth side-scrolling.

One grief is as to how difficult the game is to beat. 99 lives are surprisingly easy to drain, as to how one or two shots will put you down. The bosses themselves can take up to 20 (!) lives to beat. There are a few small errors, but it is an overall good game.

7/10 nothing too fancy, but it has some good animations.

9/10 real solid, with side scrolling action!

6/10 happy music, simple sound effects.

9/10 beach version of metal slug? +1.

8/10 nothing special for controls.

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