Pieces map \ walkthrough

I have completed (mostly) my map for Pieces and I’ve submitted it to Kongreguide.  I say mostly because I didn’t take the time to find the last 4 red flowers, but this will get you through the tough spots of the game.  Unfortunately there was no easy way to make a map so I ended up doing it as an ASCII map.  Let myself or EXTREME_Popcorn know if you encounter any problems with it.  Enjoy!

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4 Comments on “Pieces map \ walkthrough”

  1. thalarion Says:

    By the way, the link to Kongreguide can be located under the blogroll on the main page or by clicking on Kongreguide in this comment 🙂

  2. Hrodgaar Says:

    Nice map! I’m missing the 10th blue herb though…

  3. yann Says:

    Hi, i just cant see your map ! can you help me, please?

  4. thalarion Says:

    Heh, for the sake of my own sanity I had to choose which icon to represent that square. I usually went with the flowers but I can see I only noted 7 blue flowers. That means there was something better of interest like a thought or a skill on that screen. When I finished my save game I had all 10 flowers so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have the same.

    As for not seeing the map, remember that I didn’t post it here. I only do reviews and interviews on this site. The map itself is on Kongreguide. At the top in a gray box you’ll see options for “to the left” or “to the bottom.” Choose the bottom option then scroll down to the letter P. Select Pieces and scroll down past the key and you should be able to see the map. The top two lines are mis-aligned but everything else should work great.

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