The Desert Obelisk

The Desert Obelisk
The Desert Obelisk


A robotic rabbit and a floating fish decide to explore their world together. Sounds like another bad joke setup, right? Wrong. This is the start to a game called The Desert Obelisk, a game that is reminiscent of the Grow series of games. While the premise of the game is a little peculiar it actually turns out quite well and we have a happy little ending once all is said and done.

TDO is controlled strictly by the mouse. The rabbit and the fish take turns tossing objects into the obelisk, but these need to be placed in a certain order. Items level up as you add to the clutter, so try to think ahead to what may be needed as there is a specific order to the game.

It looks like we have an escapee from “Tron” and an air fish, perhaps a cousin of the one found in Mardek? The lines are clean and simple and the animations are smooth. It’s interesting to see how the items evolve and the final result in the game is great to behold. The sound and music can be muted separately and both are unobtrusive to the degree that they just fade into the background.

8/10. Good graphics, simple animations.

7/10. Not a lot of replay value here once you figure out the sequence. The characters give you clues along the way.

8/10. Good music and the option to mute.

6/10. It could almost be another game from Eyemaze, really.

8/10. Can’t really go wrong with the mouse.

Here we have another submission to the JayisGames Games Design Competition 5. This certainly feels more complete than Pieces, but it’s also considerably shorter. 7/10

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