Prism Core

Prism Core
Prism Core


Lazarou seems to like cores. First we have Sphere Core, then Cube Core, and now we have Prism Core. The premise is pretty simple; click objects, combine things, and find a way out of the room in this point & click game. What makes Prism Core unique is that you start with one of three objects and that object will determine the course your game takes. Keep in mind that objects you use in one version may have no use in another.

Prism Core is controlled solely by your mouse. Click and drag objects to interact with your environment. You shouldn’t need to combine objects in your inventory but keep in mind that you will have to combine things on-screen either through machines or through simple actions. You’ll have to modify the prism light frequently to get the power core ending.

The graphics are more refined that what you find in Cube Core. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect by a long shot, but you can see that a lot of good work was put into this. Prism Core has music and some sound effects, but there’s a mute option if you need it.

8/10. Good graphics to be found here.

8/10. There’s a bit of replay value here once you finish one ending.

7/10. The audio was okay. It’s not going to blow you away but it did work nicely.

9/10. I liked the different starting items for the game. That added a nice bit of variety.

8/10. Point, click, whee! What more do you need?

If you like puzzle games you’re going to love Prism Core. 8/10

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