Switch (not Shift) is an interesting puzzle game where you maneuver a ball through a maze. This is a far cry from anything like Marble Madness because this time the maze is made up of various colors. Your ball can only pass over these colored tiles if it is the same color as those tiles. Hit the appropriate switch to change the color of your ball and find your way out of the maze. Plan your moves out if necessary as you’ll end up getting blocked in later levels if you don’t. For fans of do-it-yourself there is also an option to create custom maps, much like Free Rider.

Switch is controlled entirely by the arrow keys (except for the menu). There is a fair amount of momentum when your ball is moving but there are no points where you can fall off. The movement can take a little getting used to but it’s nothing that you shouldn’t be able to pick up in several levels. If you get stuck there’s a reset option in the upper right corner. Don’t click the menu button or you’ll get taken back to the main screen and you’ll lose all of your progress.

The game has fairly simple graphics, but that doesn’t detract from what is otherwise quite a fun game. I do wish that there were outlines around all the edges as it isn’t immediately obvious that you can’t fall off of the side. Once you figure that out it makes life a lot easier.

There is no option to mute the music in Switch. There are also no sound effects, but at least the music is okay. You’ll find that it mostly blends into the background but the game really could have benefited from sound effects.

7/10. Graphics are okay, nothing to get excited over.

8/10. No continue or save feature so you’ll have to play this all in one sitting.

6/10. No mute and no sound effects; this does detract from the game.

8/10. Concept is pretty cool as puzzle/maze games go.

7/10. Arrow keys for control. Inertia will get the best of you at first.

Despite the lower ratings I gave this game it is actually pretty fun when taken as a whole. 7/10

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