Maze Escape

Maze Escape
Maze Escape


I used to love mazes as a kid. I would zip right through them and look for the next one to play. You know what my trick was? Always start with the finish and work backwards. There’s only so many points of entry to the finish so I could find my way to the start in fairly short order. Is this cheating? Well, perhaps in a sense. Did it work? Heck yes; it worked every single time. Maze Escape is a maze game (shocking, I know) where you have to find the end of the maze. You aren’t timed so don’t rush yourself on this.

You can navigate your way around the mazes using your arrow keys. The controls are not customizable and there’s no option to remap them, nor are there alternate controls. It would appear that lefties are out of luck on this game.

The graphics are about as simple as you can get without doing lines only. There’s a noticeable lack of colors and minimal shadows. The mazes appear to be randomly generated and your starting point isn’t always what’s furthest away from the finish. There is also zero sound in this game so prepare to be unimpressed by that aspect.

6/10. The graphics are okay.

9/10. True it may only be a maze game but the mazes are randomly generated. Tons of replay value here.

0/10. No sound, no music, no points.

7/10. Mazes aren’t the most original concept here but it’s still quite fun.

7/10. More control options would be welcome.

If you don’t care about flashy graphics or sound you definitely should give this a shot. Adding sound would have easily bumped this to a 7, but as is I’m giving it a 6/10.

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