Oh, Buoy

Oh, Buoy
Oh, Buoy


The Honda Civic of puzzle games? Does that mean we get to mod the hell out of it? That it’s going to last a good 20 years? One wonders what damijin was going on about 🙂 This was just one of the random lines you get when you get to the main menu. Oh, Buoy is a puzzle game in the great tradition of Tetris, but instead of maneuvering puzzle pieces you’re maneuvering single blocks that happen to look like Kongregate avatars. Get three or more in a row and you’ll get rid of some of your blocks. Now what makes this game tricky is that you’ll also have bubbles coming up from underneath the blocks. If you have more bubbles than blocks they’ll start floating upwards so make sure you’re staying on top of those.

Use the arrow keys to move your blocks around the screen. You can press the down arrow key to place a block quickly. Press space to pause your game and “Q” to change the quality of the graphics. The game gets going pretty fast so you had best be quick on your fingers.

Oh, Buoy has some rather cutesy graphics. There isn’t much to speak of in terms of animation but that’s not too big a deal. We’re focusing on the puzzle aspect, not the quality of the art and animation here. There is music and sound effects and you can mute both with a mute button at the main menu. Once you start playing you won’t be able to mute.

7/10. Cute is an understatement 🙂

8/10. Reminiscent of Tetris. Tons of replay value.

8/10. Music, sound effects, mute, we are good to go.

9/10. Pretty original concept here.

7/10. WASD controls for lefties would have been nice.

Oh, Buoy is a fun game though you may find yourself getting frustrated quickly at the speed. 8/10

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One Comment on “Oh, Buoy”

  1. JCthe4 Says:

    nice reviews marm.
    oh, and I didn’t get half the jokes you had on your KONG profile

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