Runes of shalak

the runes!
Runes of Shalak


I love reviewing retro games. I’ve done it before with jump, and im doing it again! With that said, I hereby review runes of shalak, a colorless, challenging, small screened, old school game. Wait…I forgot to say that its fun…

Here at ACKK, we review underdog games. This game falls neatly into that description. ONLY 4500 Gameplays, ONLY 1000 reviews. I’m very glad that I’ve found this. I’ts an old game, Luksy put it on the site back in december of 2006.

Now, i should really start reviewing this game. The concept is rather simple. “Get back in Atari times and collect coins to find the two runes which, if connected, take you to another dimension!”-luksy. the coins start out easy. then the get hard to get. so hard…TOO HARD. past 1-7, the game gets challenging. It progresses nicely, by the way. just so hard…

I’m gonna start with the few bad things now. The edge detection is awful. I often found myself jumping to another platform, landing, and falling straight through it. The only other flaw(more like imperfection, this game is fun), is the lack of a mute.

Now, for the good stuff. I loved the music. It was techno 8-bit loveable. Authentic would be the right word. I’m taking no points off for not having a mute button for a reason. The music is good enough to make it a solid ten. Would you even want to mute it? i know you wouldnt. I also like the concept of it all. the screen is very tiny, but it wouldnt really seem any better if it was bigger. This game is also simple. arrow keys excluding down to move. In later levels, there are enemies to avoid. Oh yeah, this game is for those who can take a challenge. The little start over screen is whimsical yet tormenting. That actually describes the whole game.

8/10 authentic, bit glitchy

10/10 HARD

10/10 techno amaze

8/10 collect all coins to proceed to next area(called a new dimension in game)

8/10 simple, but no wasd controls for southpaws.

RETRO! it reminds me of lode runner.

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5 Comments on “Runes of shalak”

  1. ExtremePopcorn Says:

    I think you messed up or something. Make sure all tags are closed.

  2. ExtremePopcorn Says:

    Sorry, it messed up. What I meant to say was:

    <b> tags are closed.

  3. doctormarmalade Says:

    the picture is tiny for a reason. the game itself is soooo tiny,

  4. thalarion Says:

    He was talking about the bold tag 😀

  5. doctormarmalade Says:

    i wasnt referring to mr.extremepopcorn, we had posted within seconds of eachother

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