sunday feature! doctor marmalade’s review with himself! (its a joke, so play along:)

name: doctormarmalade
for short: call me doc
favorite color: im gonna have to go with orange
philosophy: no regrets, random acts of kindness
what you didnt know: I meditate
the glass, half empty or half full?:the glass, to me, does not exist. the real question is am i an optimist or am i a pessimistQUESTION DODGED!
coffee or espresso: espresso, i am rather fancy
favorite band: jimi hendrix expirence or david bowie
favorite habit: i always answer questions with more questions. or do i?
least favorite person on kongregate: reaponight
xboxlive: megamata
real name: [name withheld]
location: [area withheld]
are you serious?: who are you to ask?
whats an interview if you answer my questions with questions?: what is the grass if it grows towards the sun?
Enough joking! i should get back to work, expect to see more of me, now that you all know i exist, i think that i should post reviews tenfold!

-[ps note withheld]

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2 Comments on “sunday feature! doctor marmalade’s review with himself! (its a joke, so play along:)”

  1. physcomonkeykid Says:

    that is just a copy and paste from your profile…

  2. doctormarmalade Says:

    nope, i added stuff. besides, they both describe me.

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