Talesworth Arena

Talesworth Arena
Talesworth Arena


I make it policy to try to not review games that are still in development, but Talesworth Arena is going to be an exception. This review was first drafted on April 1st so there may have been some updates to the game since then. Eventually you will be able to pick from 5 different character classes when you start, but at the time of this writing you could only pick the Engineer. As you win battles you gain experience and gold. You can use the gold to acquire new skills and artifacts. The artifacts vary in strength but anything that can reduce your direct damage and damage over time is a good start. Once you max out your experience for a level you need to defeat the boss to advance. If you lose you may have to start over with experience or you may just lose some gold.

Talesworth Arena is controlled solely by the mouse. There is an issue when you use a skill and try to click on the same spot when the skill loads up again. For some reason it won’t detect the mouse click and you will need to move the mouse to click that skill again. Memorize where your skills are or arrange them when you’re at the Tavern in a pattern that makes sense to you as there are some enemy skills that will hide your skill names.

The graphics…nay, the game reminds me of Monster’s Den. This is obviously not a dungeon crawl but the premise is the same; defeat your foes, level up, and get better gear. I’ll freely admit that this can be a little tedious so Talesworth Arena may not be for everyone. Regardless, the portraits look like they were drawn by a professional artist. The rest of the game graphics are well suited to the setting and nothing really feels out of place, except the lack of animation.

There is no mute option in Talesworth Arena but there are a fair amount of audio cues so muting would set you at a disadvantage. The background music isn’t really music, it’s more of a crowd chanting. My impression is that somebody took an audio recording from a football match (soccer for us North Americans) and looped it for the arena battles. Regardless, the effect works out really well and sets the mood even further for the game.

8/10. Great graphics, but no animation.

7/10. Not a lot of replay value with only one class. I beat it while only dying three times and the final boss was bested in one attempt.

7/10. Audio is good, sound effects could use some work.

7/10. Swords and Sandals Gladiators did this first, but not necessarily better.

6/10. Controls need some tweaking.

I’ll update this review when the author provides the final release. Right now it gets a 7/10 and is worth a play or two. Use the groin kick for all it’s worth!

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