Broken Wings

Broken Wings
Broken Wings


Overhead space shooters, gotta love the classic formula. Enemies are attacking your fleet/base/planet and you must destroy them before you are destroyed yourself. In Broken Wings you definitely get to destroy your foes in style. You earn award points that you can use to upgrade your ship. Utilize your upgrade points wisely; the better you do in combat the more award points you will earn. Keep in mind that it’s better to focus points on one weapon rather than spreading the points out amongst all three. Regardless, bosses take a very long time to kill in Broken Wing.

Speaking of Broken Wings, here’s other game with no friction. Push an arrow key to travel in one direction and you’ll keep going that way at the same speed until you hit the wall. You can bounce back and forth between walls this way, not unlike a drunken pinball or a ship with damaged flight gear. Arrow keys move the ship, “Z” is your machine gun, “X” launches missiles, and “C” is the laser beam of not so quick death. You’ll need to press and hold “Z” to charge the laser then release to fire. Pressing “ZXC” at the same time activates your failsafe attack. The failsafe attack varies depending on what is currently active in the icon window in the lower right corner. The three attacks include screeb-wide lightning, a black hole, or firing all three of your weapons at once. You can earn more failsafes by damaging enemies. The yellow meter above the failsafe icons indicates when you’ll get your next attack, but keep in mind that the meter decreases whenever you aren’t damaging enemies.

The graphics for Broken Wing are pretty good. There aren’t a lot of opportunities for animation and I would have liked to see some more color on ships, but otherwise I like what we’re presented with. There is no way to mute the audio but the music and sound effects are pretty good. As is typical, there are no audio cues to clue you in on when something is happening beyond your getting a new failsafe attack. I hardly think that justifies not including a mute button.

8/10. Space isn’t all that colorful…

6/10. While there is replay value here I find the movement to be extremely irritating.

7/10. No mute yet there is good audio.

7/10. It’s an overhead shooter, what else do you want out of this?

8/10. Ignoring the movement issues, the control scheme works out pretty well.

A few minor tweaks to the controls would make this a really good game. 7/10

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