Light People On Fire

Light People On Fire


Spontaneous combustion is a myth, right? In most cases it just isn’t possible but in the case of Light People On Fire not only is it possible, it’s also the entire idea behind the game. Start the game and you’re presented with a game screen that has trees, clouds, and people. You can walk around as a tree or flail your arms as you dash from person to person in a mad bid to ignite as many people as possible in one minute.

Use your arrow keys to move your tree/human torch around the screen. When you’re in a good spot go ahead and press your space bar to fire it up. Go on, torch those mothers and babies in the carriages, nobody’s going to think less of you. If a rain cloud crosses your path hit Ctrl to switch back to a tree. Keep in mind that rain will make you grow when you’re in tree form but will cause you to shrink when you’re flaming.

The graphics may not look like much but they actually work really well for this game. We have stick figures, lots of fire, and some happy little rain clouds, not to mention some vague building outlines in the background. The animations, however, are the really impressive part. Watching your character chase the chubby little kids with the popsicles will make you laugh at least once.

There is no mute button, but that’s okay because the music is awesome. The music alternates between a sunny happy little tune when in tree form and death metal when you’re busily turning people into stick figure candles. There are sound effects, but they mostly consist of the screams of your victims.

9/10. Okay graphics, great animations.

8/10. Fun for your inner pyromaniac

9/10. All sorts of awesome with the audio.

10/10. Violent? Yes. Fun? Hell yes!

8/10. Controls work great for this game, not much else you could ask for beyond southpaw options.

What a sick and twisted game. Go play it. 9/10

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