Ahh, the joys of the 2D fighter, possibly made all the more fantastic by The Matrix, a film that seems to have inspired several of these games. This game follows a tried-and-true formula. You are stickman with a colourful (of your choice!), strange, unexplainable and permanent immolation that does absolutely nothing except make you look cool. Choose your electricity colour and your difficulty and your goal to simply win a tournament, by killing other people in your way. Classic. Typically, you will be pitted against enemies in odds of anywhere from 2:1 to around 7:1 and it’s your job to knock them down. Creatively, many of the enemies you face will have unique abilities, such as higher dodging or regeneration.

In your arsenal of pain, we have around 6 different attacks, and all of those change depending on the situation, such as when surrounded or running, which adds a a nice touch of variety. 3 of those moves are ‘Slow-mo’ moves and will use your battery power to dish out some Matrix-style attacks that are powerful and render you invincible, which will be your only moments of reprieve as there is no pause. There is a save function, but the game does not autosave, so be sure to save after each round. As you progress, your enemies will become progressively more difficult, mainly via numbers, but you can go back to previous rounds for an easier match.

Graphics wise, it’s pretty simple. Backgrounds are a bit uninteresting, but that’s not the focus of the game. Attack animation is superb and all the attacks (especially the slow-mo ones) have that sense of awesome that makes you wish you could take on your worst enemy like that. Lots of thought has gone into what is in the game with many nice details such as taking damage from people flying into you.
There is no mute button, which is a let down as the music isn’t fabulous and sound effects basic and the game itself can get repetitive quickly.

8/10. Fairly basic, but well done.

9/10. Easy learning curve, gets repetitive, but good enough to come back to.

6/10. Not my kind of music, and lacking a mute.

9/10. A tried and true recipe and this game’s one of the best in the field.

8/10. Controls work well and you wouldn’t need anything better.

Overall, it’s a good game that’s great fun while it lasts.

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3 Comments on “Electricman2HS”

  1. doctormarmalade Says:

    great first review. I see much promise with you…(resisting calling him a padawan)

  2. magiman04 Says:

    Omg, reviewing GENIUS right there! I totally agree with what you said. Good game amiright?

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