Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush


Ever have that desire to absorb other planets into yourself to gain mass? NO? I should really see a shrink. That and keep playing this game. Cosmic Crush is an explory-type game where you ingest other planets for your own selfish need. Avoid the other bigger planets or your done for. They use their gravity to take you in. Don’t let it, or the entire damn level will restart. Going back when you are bigger and absorbing the planets that impeded your progress many times before is a satisfying act. The survival mode isn’t the reason I like the game. The level mode is where its at. Gradually gaining mass and transforming into different kinds of planets is the name of the game. Fun, but frustrating. Traveling around is often too dangerous because you cannot predict as to were the bigger planets with their fancy gravitational pulls are located.

There isn’t very much to the game, but you will extract some fun from it. The lack of music hurts the score, but the crisp graphics help it. The art is respectable and the gameplay is easy to learn. It is, actually, rather difficult to get to a higher level in level mode.

9/10 Crisp.

7/10 not very fluid

5/10 no music, decent sound effects

9/10 float around and gather

7/10 float around with the arrow keys

float, float, flooaaat…

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