Start up Magma and you’re going to notice something right off the bat; this is yet another Bomberman game. Really, there’s only so much you can do with this genre and I don’t see that Magma added anything new. Despite that, Bomberman is a tried and true formula and it’s still great fun to play. You know the drill, run around the level bombing your enemies into oblivion. Notice those three cauldrons in the middle of the level? If you find the three orbs hidden in mushrooms around the level and manage to place those in the cauldrons you can get some massive bonus points. Otherwise you’re going to have to wait for the timer to run out so you can proceed to the next level.

The controls for Magma are pretty standard fare. Use your arrow keys to move around the playing field and press space to drop a bomb. The one frustrating point I found is that there is no pause or menu button. Once you start playing the game, you’re in it for the long haul. In fact, I had to off myself so I could eventually start writing this review up.

This world looks rather…Smurfy! Seriously, there are mushrooms everywhere. What are you, a volcano-shaped Gargamel dropping bombs to blow up these mushrooms and find the tasty bits inside? I’m thinking that the enemies may be a distraction more than anything. Smurf issues aside, the graphics really are quite nice. Lots of smooth edges and fun little designs in the levels.

Magma has no mute button, sadly enough. The music and sound effects can be tuned out pretty easily, but the control scheme and your options in this game are rather lacking. As always, you can kill your speakers if you really must tune out the game.

8/10. Smurf-tastic!

7/10. Some replay value here, but mostly that’s if you die and have to try again. More instructions would have been nice.

6/10. Good music and sound effects but there is no mute.

6/10. It’s mostly like Bomberman, minus the cauldrons in the middle of the playing field.

5/10. Desperately needs a way to pause the game or a safe spot between levels where you can take a breather.

This game looks really sharp and if it were to get some tweaks to the controls it would be really fun to play. As it is, it’s just a diversion that you’ll probably want to put down after a bit. 6/10

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