Modern Tactics 2

Modern Tactics 2


We’ve all played this game before in one form or another. You play the good guy and you use your team and a bit of strategy to go around killing the bad guys. Pretty simple stuff, yet it usually ends up being pretty fun. Modern Tactics 2 is certainly no exception to that. Deploy your troops to defeat the enemy and make sure you defend your commander. If he dies the game is over.

There are a ton of controls and I’m not going to lay them out here. You can find them on the right sidebar for quick reference very time you select a character. Something that isn’t made abundantly clear in the game is that you have to end the turn for the selected unit before you can move on to the next one. It would be nice if that was explained in the tutorial but what are you going to do? The range of motion and your attack radius is shown by the shadows around you. The darkest shadow means you can lay down on the ground, mid shadow has you kneeling, and no shadow has you standing up. The lower you are to the ground the less of a target you present to the enemy.

Modern Tactics 2 has pretty good graphics, but the weapons lack animation. If you shoot at the enemy or fling a grenade you won’t see a projectile. No, instead you just see the impact and damage. I suppose this could have added a fair amount of overhead to the game were projectiles added. As it is, the game runs nice and quick. The characters are drawn a little oddly, almost like children’s toys. There is no mute, but MT 2 has good music and decent sound effects. I didn’t run across any audio cues so mute could have easily been included.

8/10. Fisher-Price people with blood.

8/10. Run, duck, shoot, have fun! Definite replay value here where you can try out different strategies.

6/10. Decent audio, needs a mute option.

7/10. Not the most original concept but still fun to play.

7/10. Lots of controls for the keyboard. More mouse integration would have been nice.

Modern Tactics 2 is a basic strategy game but the landscape does add a bit of challenge to the whole thing. 7/10

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