Winged Bullet

Winged Bullet


Ya know, I’m as big a scrollwork fan as the next bloke (though not to the extremes of some people) and this game just hit the right nerves for me. You play a bullet…with wings…and some glowy scrollwork on the sides. What’s the goal of the game? Well simply put, you need to fly as far as possible through the tunnel while hitting spiders, flying squids, flowers, and ladybugs and avoiding the floor and ceiling. Simple, is it not?

Winged Bullet is another helicopter-style game where your goal is to keep the bullet from striking bad objects. Simply click the mouse button to fly up and release it to glide downwards. Being a bullet, though, you can and must strike living objects. Once you strike these little bits of power are released to be absorbed by you and allow you to continue flying further. As you run out of power your bullet will become less and less responsive until you eventually crash into the ground.

This game has some really nice graphics. From the spiders swaying back and forth on whatever subterranean breezes exist to the glowing power orbs that circle your bullet, you’re likely to be impressed by the amount of detail that has gone into the drawings. Granted there isn’t much in the way of animation but this is still enough to really grab your attention. Take note that your wings become more transparent as you run low on power.

Winged Bullet has an awesome song and incredible sound effects. Both can be muted individually, so if one or the other isn’t to your liking for some strange reason then you have nothing to worry about there. A lot of attention and consideration seems to be given to the audio aspect and the whole game for that matter.

9/10. Needs a tad more animation but otherwise looks incredible.

9/10. Lots of replay value here, especially since the cave is different every time.

10/10. Perfect work with the audio.

9/10. Builds off of the helicopter concept by adding power that you constantly have to renew.

9/10. Left mouse button is all you need. Stay away from the ladybugs.

This is a definite must-play. 9/10

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