Armor Academy

Armor Academy


My brain itches. That is only acceptable if you’ve played this game, and if your cerebral center of thought does happen to itch, contact a doctor right away.

The ultimate brain-bender from armor games, this puzzler will set you up with the task of saving your fragile brain cells from (exceedingly) gruesome demises. You do this by answering rebus puzzles in less than 30 seconds. A rebus puzzle is basically a puzzle with play on words. An example of this would be “nana fish meaning tuna fish” They are clever, but a bit repetitive. Once you get the first 20 right, the answers get easy. The answer gets to be either a word within a word, or are novelties. They all are answered in a popular phrase.

The graphics are crisp, and the executions of your braincells are gruesome. As you fight for your little cells on screen, Any mistake will give you a lot of blood splatter. The sound is nothing special, just some elevator-grade music. That is, apart from the sound of a buzzer signaling your mistake, and than a varied arangement of your happy little cell’s demises.

8/10 nothing special, the graphics make your cells look happy.


7/10 nothing too special.

9/10 battle up to 50 puzzles to save those brain cells!

8/10 mouse only, doesn’t much matter.

The brain cells dance…

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One Comment on “Armor Academy”

  1. Venzael Says:

    Heh, I noticed that almost all of the answers are proverbs, barring the rare few. I thought this game was pretty clever, since I like box puzzles and clever word games, but since most of the answers were proverbs rather than ordinary words, I managed to guess most of them without looking at the clue :/

    Nice review, Doc.

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