Super Energy Apocalypse

Super Energy Apocalypse


Super Energy Apocalypse is another entrant in the Jay Is Games Game Design Competition #5. This game ended up winning second place overall (The Last Canopy received first place) and it was a very strong candidate for first. There were some issues that held it back from getting first place but despite these it turned out to be a pretty solid game. In the not-so-distant future humanity is plagued by zombies, but these aren’t your run of the mill shambling brain-munching zombies. No, these are mutant zombies, which apparently grow stronger off of your trash and pollution. Is this a game with a message? Absolutely! Mutant zombies may make excellent trash compactors but they tend to destroy your stuff as well.

SEA is controlled entirely by the mouse. Select the item you want to build from the menu on the right then find an area to build it on your map. Certain items gain bonuses depending on the area they’re placed upon and these bonuses will be indicated by a star on the building. For instance, farms produce more food when they’re placed on grassy ground and windmills produce more power when they’re placed on high ground. I’m not sure what’s considered high ground though, as all the windmills seem to produce the same amount of power on different types of land. Try and clump your base as much as possible. Enemies will appear from the dark lines at the edges of the map so keep this in mind when you’re building defenses. Regardless, don’t forget to build labs.  The more you research different fuel types, the less smog you’ll produce.

The game graphics remind me of something you would find in the 16-bit console era, a la Genesis, SNES, or TurboGrafx. In other words, they’re pretty dang cool. Animations are exaggerated, especially with the buildings deforming shape whenever they produce anything. It’s amusing to watch but it’s also a good visual cue to check on your resources. Oh yeah, you have to manage resources like metal, energy, food, and smog. If you run out of metal you won’t be able to shoot at the zombies or build new buildings. Get too much smog and you’re going to have really powerful zombies on your hands.

SEA has enjoyable music and sound effects, and some of the sound effects can be extremely useful when you’re managing the battles. Mostly this is the case when one of the super zombies comes along and trashes your floodlight. The zombies are sensitive to light and seem to go for the floodlights before they attack anything else. Use this to your advantage to protect weaker or more important items in your base. When you go into the menu you are presented with a volume slider that you can use to increase or decrease the overall volume of the game. If you do turn off the sound you may miss out on some really important sound effects during the night.

8/10. Retro-style graphics bring back classic console memories.

7/10. Lots of replay, especially with sandbox mode. Bugs need to be resolved, though.

7/10. Good audio, some voice acting.

8/10. Resource management taken to an extreme, though this means that your resource management skills must be focused.

8/10. All mouse for the controls. Hotkeys for defenses would be nice.

The author has been paying attention to the Kongregate feedback and will be uploading an updated version with fixes for issues we’ve reported. Here’s to hoping he’ll include the API. 8/10

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One Comment on “Super Energy Apocalypse”

  1. Lars Says:

    1.3 is up!

    We have bugfixes, the statistics API, and hotkeys. Unfortunately, I had to take out the fun little bouncy animations for performance reasons. Also, elevated ground for windmills will be along in a future version of the game – I never actually got around to implementing it and forgot to take out the text about it.

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