Blackbeard’s Island

Blackbeard’s Island


Who knew that pirates played Zuma? Personally I’m a big fan of Popcap games, so I can’t really blame them. Use your reaction and aiming skills in this game to line up three or more of the same color cannonball to get rid of them and complete the map. Pick up pirate coins to earn extra points along the way. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a riptide bonus that moves the whole line back or a dead calm bonus that slows the cannonball advance to a crawl. Need to shorten the line? Close gaps by placing cannonballs of the same color on the end of each gap.

The controls for Blackbeard’s Island are pretty simple. Use your mouse to aim the cannons, then click the left mouse button to fire a cannonball. What makes this game different from Zuma is that you can have more than one cannon at the same time on the map and some maps are designed around this idea with multiple paths that you have to maintain at the same time. Press your space bar to switch cannons. You’ll have to deal with a very brief pause while the other cannon gets situated but that’s not a big deal. If you end up with cannonballs that you can’t use at that time just shoot them off the screen as there’s no penalty for that.

For such a seemingly simple game the graphics are pretty slick. The little details like the smoke trailing from the cannon and the burn marks on the pirate map in the background really make for a fun game. Watch for the flashing icons on the cannonballs as these indicate bonuses you can activate, but only if you’re quick enough. Wait too long and the bonus will disappear, leaving you with a longer line than you had before.

Blackbeard’s Island has excellent music and sound effects, from the pirate music in the background to the jeering pirates on up to the booming of the cannons as you fire off round after round at the line snaking its way towards your flag. Speaking of your flag, it will pop up with a little fire and a campfire sound when the line starts getting too close to it. Once you finish a line the flag will pop up without the fire to indicate that your goal has been reached for this line. If either the sound or the music don’t catch your fancy you can mute either individually.

8/10. Graphics are quite good.

7/10. Blackbeard’s Island has the same problem that Ring Pass Not has; there needs to be a save function as these are a lot of levels to go through.

9/10. Great audio and mute options are a plus.

7/10. Zuma with extra launchers, not all that original.

8/10. Space and mouse for controls. Fortunately the aim is pretty tight.

Mind the ninjas. 8/10

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