Peir And The Big Black Hole

Peir And The Big Black Hole


Ever wanted to be a mime? No? Well how about a mime walking a tightrope that also dodges objects hurtling through the air towards a black hole that circles around you? Yeah, that sounds more exciting by a long shot! So why is Peir hanging around a big black hole and how does he stay attached to that tightrope without getting sucked in himself? It’s a game, dude. You’re supposed to leave your disbelief at the door.

Peir is controlled by the arrow keys. Press up to jump over objects in your path or press the left or right arrow keys to spin around by your feet. Press down to switch to the other rope if you’re at the top and vice-versa if you’re at the bottom. Try and stay moderately close to the black hole so you have time to dodge incoming objects. This also means you’ll need to stay well away from the edge of the screen depending upon your reaction speed.

There’s not a lot of animation in this game, but that’s okay. Peir is more of a skill-based game that tests your ability to react to various obstacles that are flung at you. The graphics remind me more of something you’d see in an old-time movie which brings me to my next point. The music really didn’t fit with the game. If anything I would rather have heard a piano or accordion plinking out some tune as opposed to this music. There wasn’t any option to mute so you’re more or less stuck with this until you tire of the game, the music, or both.

7/10. Good old-fashioned black & white landscape, just like your grandpa used to see in movies.

9/10. Definite replay value here. Once you get the hang of the game it’s pretty fun.

5/10. Needed different music and a mute button.

9/10. Pretty awesome concept here.

8/10. Arrow keys for the controls, nothing too far out here.

Give it a shot, you may be pleasantly surprised. 8/10

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