Dobble, which is the name of both the game and the character, is an interesting action/puzzle game where the goal is to spell out words that are given to you. All of the words are five letters long and you’ll have to dodge birds and jump over spikes in your attempts to complete these words. Make sure you’re getting them in sequence or you’ll lose one of your three lives. The next letter in the sequence has a green arrow pointing towards it and is also lit up on the screen. Even if there are two of the same letter in the word you must go for the highlighted one or you’ll lose a life. Dobble also presents several different minigames in case you don’t like the main game. The game is designed with all age groups in mind so it isn’t exactly challenging.

Dobble is controlled by the arrow keys primarily. You can use the mouse or space bar to advance levels. Controls are pretty tight and you end up jumping pretty high so plan accordingly when you’re going for your next platform. If you need to you can press the down arrow to jump down from a platform or to not even land on it in the first place.

Despite having a severe case of hydrocephalus, Dobble appears to have a pretty stable center of gravity. Ignoring the oddball appearance of our protagonist we’re presented with rather bubbly graphics. The only sharp things in the world appear to be the spikes and the beaks of birds. Perhaps Dobble is some sort of balloon creature? The graphics remind me a bit of Super Mario Bros, but refined from the 8/16-bit days.

The music is cutesy though repetitive at times. The sound effects…well, they’re minimal. A mute button would have been a welcome addition to this game as I got a little tired of the music after 10 levels or so. Speaking of repetition, the game itself tended to get repetitive, but there’s always the minigames to extend the life of this title a ways.

9/10. Well drawn and detailed graphics.

7/10. Repetitive gameplay, not much replay.

6/10. Decent audio, needs a mute option.

7/10. The concept is good and the minigames are fun.

10/10. Game can be all keyboard, which is very welcome.

What I took away from this game is that spelling would be far more exciting if we had to dodge dangerous obstacles in real life. 8/10

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