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Moko Moko


Breakout seems to be a popular game to emulate. Admittedly, it’s a pretty cool game and it has a lot going for it. Moko Moko is another in a long line of homages to breakout and while this game may not bring much to the table in the way of innovation it definitely shines with the graphics. The premise is the same as in most every other breakout game; move your platform back and forth across the bottom of the playing field and bounce the ball back up at the blocks. Collect powerups along the way to earn different abilities like multiple balls, speed up, or an extended platform. Watch out for the >< and the skull powerups though. The former will reduce your paddle size and the latter will kill you instantly.

Moko Moko uses the arrow keys to move and space to pause the game. I found there were some acceleration issues with the platform where it would continue to coast along a little bit and I would watch the ball go flying by the side of my platform. This caused me to over (under?) compensate to the point where I frequently stopped short and watched the ball cruise by on the other side. Being able to use the mouse or having tighter controls would have resolved this issue but the author has firmly stated that this game is finished and he’s not going to tweak it any further. Disappointing… After all, the players are the ones playing the game, not the developer.

The author emphasized that the graphics are the high point of this game and I would tend to agree with him. The scenery is very stylized and the character animations are well drawn. There’s a great amount of detail in the game and you can tell a lot of work went into this. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the sound effects. There is no music and the sound effects are minimal. I think a lot more could have been done here to round out the game.

Update: The author pointed out that I forgot to mention the multi-player aspect of this game. I didn’t get a chance to check that mode out but I’ll definitely be giving it a shot tonight.

9/10. Loved the graphics. Almost reminds me of a Japanese woodcut.

7/10. Not a lot of replay value here but still fun to at least try out.

4/10. No music, no score. At least we have mute.

6/10. Breakout with a shiny new interface.

6/10. Controls are frustrating to the point of abandonment. Players are likely to give up on the game before they get the controls down.

The author’s attitude towards player’s comments and suggestion doesn’t exactly endear him to me. A few tweaks on the controls and the addition of some music would make for a wonderful game. 6/10

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3 Comments on “Moko Moko”

  1. Manfredi Says:

    Thank you for your review! It is great to read people talking of our game, negative or positive ways!

    Just I want to say that the keyboard control semmes ok to me and to a lot of other people (me lucky), hiscores show everyday people making more than 300000, this means they are finishing the game.

    Mouse control is a lot more easy, I agree with you, the point is I didn’t want an easy game, people looking for flash games often search short and easy games to play, well this is not the case. Game is difficult and you have to play a lot if you want to be a master. This is exactly what we want, and it is exactly what people that love breakout are doing.
    Acceleration of the paddle was a technical and style choice. You have just to learn to “drive” it, it is different form other breakouts, and so we want.

    Also the choise of minimal sound effects and no music was a ponderate choice. It is impossible to have a not annoying music during the 30 levels of the game (more than 1 hour of gameplay) and we like a lot minimal sound effects.

    Thank you for your intersting review,


  2. Manfredi Says:

    P.S. You don’t metion the multiplayer mode that is a great fun! (obviusly if you have a friend to play with)

  3. Manfredi Says:

    P.P.S I suggest you to try the game on its offical website (you will find it in the game menu). I’ve noticed that in a lot of websites where the game is hosted it is slowed down by the huge amount of flash ads around the page. I tried it in these conditions and the game become unplayable at all and very frustrating. Maybe the problems with controls was accentuated by that.

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