Professional diving seems to be a hot topic these days. When I listen to the radio I hear frequent advertisements for job opportunities with diving companies. Turn on the television and you’re likely to see more of the same. I’m not sure what the driving force is behind all of these ads, but it certainly has gone mainstream. SeaScape is a game that was contracted by a diving company and was created by the same guy that developed IceScape and The Morning After. The goal of this game is to explore underwater areas and collect various sorts of treasures that you find. Treasures can vary from pictures of sea life to gold bars and pretty much anything in between.

Moving around under the water involves clicking your mouse on arrows located on either side of your mask, much like real life. Once you’ve found the map piece for the next area you can click the up arrow on the screen to get back to the main map. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to visit a prior map once you’ve left it, so be thorough in your searching. To make sure you’ve found everything click on the “i” in the upper right corner of the screen. In the bottom right corner of this screen you will see the objectives for the level, including how many skulls, coins, pearls, and photos you can take. This will also provide you access to your camera, plasma torch, and knife. There is no way to pause and you’re timed on the game. Oddly enough, the amount of time taken doesn’t seem to affect the final outcome of your score. If you push you can finish in about 8 minutes or less.

Like IceScape and TMA, SeaScape has very nice graphics. The author actually explained what tools he used to create the various effects in this game so those of you wishing to go for a similar look now have a place to start. Admittedly this style of graphics makes for a pretty static environment but Psionic3D actually provided a fair amount of animation for SeaScape, which is a nice change from TMA. Remember that this is a point & click game so move your mouse over everything. Most selectable objects will change the mouse cursor and will have an accompanying text writeup appear in the upper-left corner of your screen so make sure to keep that in your peripheral vision as you hunt for those last few coins.

There is very little music in SeaScape. In fact, the music consists mostly of clips that are played when you find an object or finish a goal, so there isn’t much music to speak of. The sound effects are good and constantly playing in the background, which definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game. If you’re not keen on the sound effects you can always mute them. I didn’t notice any specific audio cues you needed but it will take away quite a bit from the mood of the game if you mute it.

10/10. Another strong showing from Psionic3D.

8/10. Some interesting puzzles along the way. Moderate replay value as you probably won’t find all of the coins on your first time through.

7/10. Minimal music but great atmosphere.

8/10. Point and click adventure with a very rich environment.

8/10. Mouse controls yet again. Some issues with the plasma torch but otherwise it was very user-friendly.

Thankfully this game doesn’t look like one big advertisement despite its being sponsored by a diving company. Very worthwhile to play through. 8/10

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