Massive Space Tower Defense

Massive Space Tower Defense


Huh, imagine that. There’s another defense game on Kongregate! MSTD is admittedly a pretty straight-forward tower defense game but it does have some things going for it. First off, there are four different gameplay modes; normal, survival, no powerups, and cheat mode (you cheater). Secondly, there are no paths in this game. What we’re presented with is one large playing field and the goal is to prevent the enemy from breaching any point of the map and that can get to be pretty daunting. We’re presented with four turrets to build and the ability to upgrade these turrets. The next nice thing you’ll discover about this defense game is that the turrets are intelligent and they won’t waste bullets focusing on one enemy once they’re close to or already dead.

MSTD’s controls are pretty simple and there are prompts on the screen for what buttons you need to push to proceed. Press the space bar for next wave, u for upgrade, b to build, and s for sell. You can also use your mouse to navigate the options though some people have reported issues with this. I didn’t see any problems when I was using the mouse to play. There is no pause, but it really isn’t needed considering the rounds go so quickly. Upgrades are instantaneous so don’t hesitate to upgrade your towers in the middle of a round.

Visually the game is pretty pleasing. There’s a variety of enemies and they’re uniquely drawn enough to the point where you can quickly distinguish power levels. There isn’t much animation beyond the engine contrails and the stars in the background. The towers are moderately detailed but the game really needs more towers to keep up the interest level of the game. That and the beam tower could use a little help to look more menacing.

MSTD has really excellent music that you can tune out pretty easily if you don’t like it. This is a good thing because there’s no mute option. The sound effects are pretty minimal and don’t do much for me. Explosions and more convincing firing sounds would really help here.

8/10. Above average graphics, very little animation.

7/10. Plenty of replay value here with the various mode offerings. Pace really starts to pick up after level 3.

6/10. Could use some more sound effects and a mute button.

7/10. Well it’s a tower game, all right.

6/10. Some control issues reported by other users with the mouse. When I tried this on another site I did encounter these same issues. That needs to be fixed and quickly.

This game has a lot of potential. Add some more towers, a few more sound effects, mute, and maybe a little backstory and it would be quite a bit more engrossing. Oh yeah, and fix the mouse issues. 7/10

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