Friday Feature – Interview with ItBeNickYo

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Interview time! I gotta get some voice automated-confetti cannons for when i say that. So, how did you come up with that curious name?
i was going through a gangsta stage and its stuck with me ever sense

Let’s talk about that brand new room.

Just got that beast yesterday.

What made you want a new hangout?

I figured that i might as well get my own little domain that could be a good place to meet new people and i’d have complete control.

Control, so good. You are one of the many new cafe mods who got a room of their own. What do you think about them?

Well sure! Genx now has the difference engine, butterfly just got her own garden, val and the cafe.

Thats cool. Good for them, im sure there rooms will be grand.

Well, we lost a good number of cafe regulars. Now i gotta go to their rooms. Such a splitting matter. How do you think your room will fare? I mean, Many of the new rooms have regulars going every which way

Well I know alot of my old crew in DM1 will come in and chill, and more then likely i’ll get some regulars

All the while I have a birds eye view on the new rooms competitions! You think that you will ever get to the point where you are going to compete with the other new rooms?

Not really, but if any of the new room owners see this and they want a challenge. Im game.

Oh, well, have you heard any special comments about your new room?

Everyone seems to love the name. Special props to Everlovely

I am no exception!

Haha, even Greg seemed to like it when i gave him the idea.

All cool. So, how long have you been a moderator for?

About 3 1/2 weeks.

And did you have any big reactions to the fact that you were gonna have an M when you first heard?

Well the way I was modded is a bit different. Spartakips basically asked for it. So i expected it, but i was still excited.

When you finally got your M, did you have immediate aspirations of owning a room?

Nooooo, not at all. At the time DM1 needed mods the most.

And what made you change your mind?

Umm, the idea randomly came up and after getting support from friends that it would be a good idea, i went for it.

Any particular friends?

The1Wizkid, Everlovely, rest of the DM1 Gang.

Well, so far so good with the room, right?

Pretty much, no problems. A grand chill environment

So, would you like to take this moment to ask for moderators for your room?

Hmm, i probably would want Ever, Johnson or Wiz. Probably Dragoness, for a real mod.

Are you planning on nominating any for the task?

I might, depending on how much my room grows.

Well, lets get off the topic of your new room and all this mod business. Do you have any favorite activities outside of Kongregate?

I enjoy playing basketball.

So, how did you get into Kongregate?

Almost a year ago i was chillin on Armor Games, and was checking out the links of other gaming websites and i happened to come across Kong and i loved the idea of card challenges. (badges were not created yet)

Well, how long has it been since then?

About 11 months

And what has made you stick to Digg mark one over other rooms?

Well it was the first room i was ever in and over time i had met some cool people in there.

I’ll put that one down as “love at first site.” I should never make puns. So, do you have any gaming history outside of kongregate?

OUTSIDE OF KONGREGATE? High treason, says i. (says the former ugoplayer addict)

hahaha. Rarley tho!

Well, Looks like im all out of ammo…er…questions. Got any final words/prayers/comments/shout outs?

No, Im set. Thanks for the interview.


ZOMG!!!!!!!! NO WAYES!

Or in other words, It was quite the curio interviewing an interesting person such as yourself. Goodday, and godspeed.

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One Comment on “Friday Feature – Interview with ItBeNickYo”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    Valkyrie and the cafe? That is OLD. Too old. You need a quick dust off on the history kiddo.

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