Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3


I’ll start off with my initial reaction:
“Hey, a game by Weasel. Let’s check it out. Aww, it’s an adowable wittle kitty! He can do spinny attacks to kill hamsters! Wait, the hamsters have miniguns? Oh god, the blood! My kitty! Why is he smiling!”

I’m mildly confident that this sums quite a bit of the game up. Another game by Weasel, the creator of the Thing-Thing series, Fuzzy is distinctly reminiscent of Thing-Thing Arena, and the hamsters of Stinky Beans. You control Fuzzy, a sick twisted cat that uses spin and dash attacks to rid itself of those annoying hamsters with miniguns. You choose the mode you wish to play, Timed (2 mins) or Quota (x kills with time limit) and enter the fray. You have several attack options open to you, using combinations of space and arrows; you can jump on hamsters for instant kills, use your special spinny attacks or simply run at them.

Once the amusement/total horror ends, this game tends to get old fairly quickly. There’s only one level, and only two types of hamster: Miniguns and jetpacks. The flinching is extremely annoying as it causes you to fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes and bounce a few times all the while completely disabled, at which point you will be hit again and so on.

Sound is pretty basic, with a cat screeching when you hit or get hit, standard gun shot sounds and a nice cheerful background track.

The game is simple, but can be fun. However with the Thing-Thing game engine, comes the Thing-Thing critique: Needs more variety to be truly fun and to extend the replay value. It’s not bad, but it needs improving. Although I do get the sense that this is a joke game 🙂

Oh and if your kitty gets blood on him, it’s there for life. And he still grins at you.

9/10. Hey, it is Weasel.

6/10. Not a long life-span, I don’t see much value in replay, but still kinda fun.

8/10. Simple, but what else do you need? Mute is available in options.

7/10. Tried and true, another Thing-Thing, really.

8/10. Wouldn’t need anything more, but it would’ve been nice to be customizable. And tell the players that you can hold the keys for longer attacks!

Not a horrible game, copied engine with not too much extra but a decent play.

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