NinjaCow is better known for his games that mock the Fancy Pants Adventures but he also produces games that actually have a great deal of content to them. Saboteur is one of the heist style games where your goal is to sneak through the level, find your objective, then sneak back out. There are some levels where you can’t kill any guards and others where you’re left with no choice but to kill them all with your bare hands. Keep in mind that the guards always turn to the left. Regardless of your bloodlust, just don’t get caught. The game consists of eight levels and your progress is saved automatically.

Use your arrow keys to walk around the level and sneak up behind guards. Once you’ve done that use space to snap their neck and shift to drag the corpse out of sight. You can get caught if you walk too loudly (bottom right triangle), if bodies are found, or if you get too close to the guards and aren’t quick enough to snap their necks. You can walk around at full speed in the levels but take caution to keep the noise level down when you’re approaching guards or they may suddenly turn around and spot you.

Saboteur uses stick figure graphics with an overhead view and NinjaCow even included some idle animations for when your character is just standing around. The line of sight of cameras and guards is shown by a red triangular area. As long as you stay out of the range of these you should be able to get around the levels just fine. Keep in mind that some guards don’t walk the entire length of a corridor so you shouldn’t be following too closely.

Saboteur has music in the menus, but none available during the game. Personally I see this as appropriate since you’re trying to be silent during the gameplay and this just adds to the atmosphere of the game. You don’t have an option to mute the game’s sound effects or music, but there are important audio cues so that would be detrimental to your gaming experience to say the least.

7/10. Not a real strong showing on the graphics but there’s a lot of animation.

8/10. You need patience for this game as there will be some levels where you really have to take your time.

7/10. Good selection of sound effects.

6/10. Nothing outstanding brought to the table with this game, but still fun.

9/10. Very tight controls. I had no problems maneuvering around the levels.

If you like the idea of playing an assassin/thief then you’re really going to enjoy this game. 7/10

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