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Remember when pies were for eating? I don’t either. Maybe they were made to throw.

Set in a world The media is completely starved of stories/victims. You play a simple man. A simple man with pies. Throw those pies at your hostile reporter enemies to avoid a *gulp* interview. Wait…I do interviews for this site. Whatever, no lesson learned. The controls are full-keyboard, with options to chose whether wasd is to move and arrow keys to shoot some pies, Or vice versa. In terms of sound, you have some nice tuba music and played in an old-timey fashion. The graphics, are pretty well stylized, reminiscent of Fancy pants.

While the gameplay doesn’t sound like much, It really is fun. It gets frantic very soon after you start, with pies flying in every direction. Don’t let the press touch you, or your dignity bar will plummet. Gameplay is good, very hectic.

There are two modes, with very minor differences. They are called “classic” and “survival”. Each are fun, but I can’t seem to find any differences between them either than you get many more journalists to fight in the survival mode. Also, in game there are tabloids, which you throw and it gathers a small group of reporters, who are completely defenseless. Well, there you have it.

9/10. Real clean.

9/10. Frantic!

9/10. Some nice tuba-ing gets you a long way.

10/10. Fend off reporters with pies! I LOVE IT!

10/10. All keyboard, and semi-customizable.

Oh, and did I mention that this was made by the same person who made fancy pants?

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One Comment on “No comment!”

  1. venzael Says:

    I remember playing this game. Good review, although I found it gets rather repetitive fairly quickly.

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