Alright! Just what I’ve always wanted, a side scrolling beat-’em-up. And no, there was no sarcasm there. I love these games!
Okay, so you are Achilles and are being attacked by persons unknown who may be equipped with a bow, sword or spear. Starting off each level with a trusty spear (probably best used for throwing), a sword and shield, you must take on these horrible people and kill them without mercy.

Achilles struts casually along, although it doesn’t seem to matter if you do walk around or not, the enemies will still appear. In Story Mode, once you’ve defeated the number of enemies shown in the top left, you’ll move on to the next level, lives carrying over. If you kill someone holding a spear, you can pick that spear up and use it by pressing down. Handy. That’s also the button for shield. Hooray! Kicking someone momentarily stuns them, halting attacks and movement, a good opportunity to take a swipe.
When you die, there’s a trippy animation where all Achilles’ blood goes back into him and he gets back up. Niice. At the end of every three levels, you’ll face a boss; someone trained in backflipping, or with a huge spear collection and so on.
Survival mode is exactly that, kill as many as you can before you die. Simple enough. Levels in Story Mode are short enough, but in Survival, a pause would be a huge benefit.

Graphics wise, it’s pretty simple. People are decently drawn, although the background is very nice. Sound is minimal, just some tribal beats in the background and some nice swish and craack attacking noises.
Controls are nice and easy to use, you can use wasd or arrows to move and t/y or 4/5 to attack and kick. The main problem I have is the attack combos. There are clearly different attacks you can do, but they seem random and unpredictable. Pressing left/right with ‘attack’ will throw your spear, but further than that I can’t work out a pattern. Furthermore, occasionally you will deliver an instant kill, or a critical attack where you chop off their arm, leg or head but again, I can find no correlation. Seems random.

The main thing lacking is variation. The bosses at the end of each set of levels is cool, but every level it’s still just you vs bow/sword/spear. Needs more options, new weapons and so on. I see massive amounts of potential and I really hope it’s achieved. I liked it.

8/10. Could’ve been far worse.

8/10. Pretty easy to play and learn, once you get the hang of shielding. Mild replay value is possible through survival mode. However, no pause.

6/10. Very basic, mute is available

9/10. Came out the same time as the movie 300, if I believe. Rare I see a game similar to this.

9/10. Controls easy to use, and several options of use. Nifty

So, what we have is a solid side-scrolling beat-’em-up well worth a play.

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2 Comments on “Achilles”

  1. doctormarmalade Says:

    Achilles sounds like ackk. Just sayin’.

  2. Andy Says:

    Sometimes you just gotta shed some blood. This game is good for that. 🙂

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