Lt. Fly vs The Spiders From Above

Lt. Fly vs The Spiders From Above


Okay, I’ll be honest. My first thought here was ‘Lulz, first review dood!’, and then I stopped being a kooky git. So, I clicked the Puzzles link hoping for a calming, soothing variation on Bejewelled or something. And then the name smacked me in the face like some kind of hilariously odoured wet haddock. Lt. Fly vs the Spiders From Above!! A grin spread across my face as I clicked.

The first thing that struck me about this game was the rather blatant lack of a main menu. Fine by me, I’m always up for a bit of simple arcade style action. Clicks play, and I’m immediately faced with the visage of what can only be described as a mixture of an old farmer from an American horror movie, the guy off the ‘Britain wants You!’ Poster, and…a fly… Somehow I’m reminded of Day of the Tentacle.

After a brief, slightly obvious, but intuitive lesson on the game dynamics (which was actually very handy, or I’d never have worked the other half of the game out till I stumbled across it), I started. Happily, my left side of the screen is rather reminiscent of Bejewelled, with our Mjr. Maggot (Another slice of awesomeness on the naming front there) hand you your next block to swap with another. The right side wasn’t so forgiving, being a shooter with no reticle, apparently part of the game, though I am not amused. You ability to play the right is fuelled by your progress on the left, giving you ammo that will keep you safe till… It runs out…

And it will run out, all the time. Unless you carry on playing your left hoping and praying that you get the block you need. Otherwise watch as your 8-legged foes and your much-needed health packs sink on down your screen, just out of reach. Sounds painful? It is. But it’s so much fun!

There’s not much to be said on the music front. In fact ‘The front’ *is* how you’d describe it. A nice bit of ambience to remind you of your days as a GI in ‘Nam, ever traumatised by the copious spider population and lack of a health pack when you need it most… What?

10/10. I’ve always been a sucker for anything that reminds me of a Lucasarts adventure =3.

8/10. A very interesting, if somewhat unforgiving, mixture of block-swapper and mindless shooter.

8/10. The music for this can get very repetitive, but fortunately it just hides behind the scenes as ambience anyway.

10/10. Insects and arachnids with helmets. One blowing the Hell out of the other. Perfection *Kisses fingers like a romantic European dude*.

7/10. I’m perfectly fine with having to swap your cursor between screens, as this just adds another dimension to the game. But I have two words for my friends at TeravisionGames, ‘Hotkeys’ and ‘Reticle’.

Just about insane enough to be strangely addictive. Good work, Teravision!

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