Friday Feature – Interview with matt

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Let us begin, for have much to learn from you.


First question for you! How did you get your job on kongregate?

There was a temporary position that opened up when support/feedback emails started exploding in growth. I mostly came on at Mike/damijin’s recommendation and because I had spoken before with a lot of the staff since I had been on the site since pretty early on in it’s existence. The position turned out to be permanent!

Wow, how early in existence? Was this primordial ooze era?

Primordial alpha era. November 2006, I think! There was only one chat room and about 5 people in it, if that helps.

So damijin brought you into this?

Technically, he linked me here, but we joined on the same day, and to be honest, I beat most of his high scores.

Its cool that the name “matt” was open, goes to show how little the site was. Oh, and is that pride in your voice?

I try to remain as immodest as possible.

I am way better at being immodest than you are! Wanna bet?

I don’t need to bet.

Heh, kidding aside, what would you say got you to take the job?

The biggest part of it was that I was pretty interested in the community here and wanted to be a bigger part of it.

Don’t we all? And What exactly about the community?

I’ve just got a general interest in online communities, I guess. It seemed like it would be neat to be there as it grows and develops.

Cool. So, what exactly do you do for kongregate? Other than keep trolls in check?

Most of the time, I’m answering questions and talking with people who send in email about features of the site and what’s going on in chat. I also award a loooot of badges.

You mean, like you handle the badges that don’t find their ways to their owners? At all like a rancher?


Because that in itself will get you a whole lotta love. So, what exactly is working on kongregate like? Is it weird talking to other staff members in chat?

It’s pretty fun, and talking to other staff in chat feels pretty natural.

So, do you have a favorite reaction to that fancy K beside your name?

Users who think it’s for people who have donated to Kongregate.

Cant say that it isnt, right?

I donate my labor in exchange for monetary rewards? I’m not sure what you mean :).

I mean that you have given to kongregate metaphorically.

haven’t we all! kongregate draws it’s power from the blood and sweat of moderators. …and developers! and users too!

Spoken like a true devotee. I like that. So, do you have a favorite thing about kongregate? Your room, perhaps?

I think The Van is still my favorite room at the moment (deal with it, Digg Mark 1). My room is still pretty new and doesn’t have a very consistent community going on. In general, it sounds cheesey, but the people in general are my favorite part of the site. i mean generally, people are my favorite part, not the people in general chat, if that was unclear. though i’m sure they’re wonderful as well.

I am gonna go out on alimb and say that we wub u chu.


Hehe, so, would you like to take a moment to tell those of kongregate whats on your mind?

Right now, food. did you mean anything in particular?

Oh, so do you have a favorite food, That i keep you from obtaining?


I could email you some.

Our time seems to be coming to a close, got any final thoughts, or should I let you go? Or about your game?

Oh, buoy! or Super Stellar Astral Star Destroyers?

Did you help make those, or are those your favorites?

I made Super Stellar Astral Star Destroyers, which is an artistic masterpiece dedicated to mrcredsalex. Mike, some friends and I made Oh, Buoy! I did the music for it and helped with some design. Swoop to Nuts and Hovercrafty are my favorite games. In my opinion, they should be the challenge games every week.

Can’t you put a word in for them? ; )

I don’t think either have the API, though I’m not sure.

I see. Well, I’m running out of questions! We may need to wrap this up!

Think harder!

Er…uh…malfunction…ERROR! ERROR!…Umm….favorite color?

Kongregate Red.

I Kongregate see. I usually leave this time to let the interviewee say whatever they like, so go crazy.

Well, it’s pretty awesome that people like the site enough to run sites about us, like ackk! Hopefully they’ll get more popular and people will get more involved. Thanks to all the users who help each other out and are generally awesome in chat, and all the moderators who take time out of their busy gaming sessions to help keep order and keep chat going.

Heh, we feed off you guys. Good hearing from you!

This has been awesome-errific!


Well there you have it! MATT!



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6 Comments on “Friday Feature – Interview with matt”

  1. venzael Says:

    Awesome interview!

    Only the italics started screwing up near the bottom. Bit tricky to read.

  2. thalarion Says:

    Huh, don’t know how that got messed up but it’s fixed now. This is what I get for posting articles at five in the morning.

  3. damijin Says:

    Matt definitely has not beat my high scores in anything ever.

    I’d prove it, but high scores are still broken!

  4. Jim Greer Says:

    Wait, we’re paying Matt?

  5. Valkyrie Says:

    Woah.. these guys (Jim Greer, Damijin and Matt) are reading this blog? Oh cra* I would have put on some make up for the interview.

    But as Ven said.. different colours for the questions and answers might be good.

  6. doctormarmalade Says:

    Yeah, matt was shrouded in mystery before this, and I gave you all the info you needed. Youre welcome.

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