Sea Jewels

Sea Jewels


Lionfish, seahorses, and oysters, oh my! No, I’m not a Judy Garland fan, but I rather enjoyed this spin on Bejeweled. The basic premise of this game is to line up similar icons either vertically or horizontally to create groupings that get wiped out in order to allow for new icons to drop from the top of the screen. The progress meter at the bottom of the screen shows you how far you have to go until you can start the next level.

You control the game by clicking on the icons you want to move with your mouse. Create rows of three or more to stop the timer bar and start the combo timer. While the combo timer is counting down you can find more items on the screen to create combos with. This will not only add time to your combo timer but will also increase your combo multiplier. It’s very easy to get combo scores upwards of 15,000 if you’re quick enough. Keep in mind that you get two seconds added for each new combo string and no seconds added if you’re adding a critter to a current combo string.

The graphics aren’t bad for this game, but there’s not a lot in terms of animation. The icons are admittedly a little simplistic but they’re still unique and recognizable so you won’t be confusing the various creatures. There is no music, but you can mute the sound effects. Speaking of sound effects, there are several different ones and the most important is the countdown sound for the combo timer. The pitch will change when you hit the one second mark and that’s a helpful reminder. When the combo timer hits zero seconds you can still create combos but that won’t add to your time.

6/10. Decent graphics, no animation.

7/10. The game is rather short, but it’s still pretty good for replay value.

4/10. No music but there is sound and you can mute.

7/10. I’ve seen other games use this concept before so it’s not completely original yet still fun to play.

8/10. Standard mouse controls.

Nothing fancy about this game but it’s a fun way to pass some time. 6/10

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2 Comments on “Sea Jewels”

  1. doctormarmalade Says:

    Too bad I’m on a mac. Smeh.

  2. doctormarmalade Says:

    Whoops, meant to put that under tank 2008…

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