Tank 2008

Tank 2008


Tanks 2008 is the follow-up to the popular game Tanks 2007. In it you drive a tank that is more or less a weapon of mass destruction. Defeat enemies and complete various objectives to advance through the levels. Some levels will give you a new weapon and you can select this in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind that some enemies can only be hit by certain weapons so make sure you keep a stockpile of them, especially the heatseekers. Keep in mind that many people (myself included) experience crashes in Firefox and Safari, but the game works fine in IE.

WASD is the standard control setup for this game though the controls are entirely customizable as well. Press the directional button to move in that direction and keep in mind that you’ll need some room to turn in a new direction. One of the troubling things about later levels is the presence of mines. You activate these by passing near them but if you drive over them with any part of your tank they’ll immediately blow up and you’ll sustain a significant amount of damage. Keep an eye out for the blinking red light as that will indicate the presence of a mine.

The graphics are fairly well done for this game, especially considering the sheer number of enemies that you encounter. The animations are excellent and there is a great variety of things happening on the screen at any given time. The explosions tend to be a little cheesy and the “shaking” effect can get tiresome but that can be turned off in the menu so no real harm done there.  Use the radar in the lower-right corner of your screen to locate your enemies as efficiently as possible.

The music is composed of a rather obnoxious techno track, but you can mute the music and sound effects separately so you definitely don’t have to listen to either if you don’t like it. The sound effects mostly consist of two explosion sounds and several different firing sounds. They’re rather muted considering that you’re blowing up fuel tanks and other vehicles with presumably explosive ammunition, but oh well. Kudos to the author for at least including both and the option to mute.

9/10. Excellent variety and animations.

6/10. Game can be insanely fun once you get further into the levels and have more weapons. Points docked for lack of cross-browser support.

7/10. Audio is okay, glad the author included mute options.

8/10. It may be a sequel but it’s still quite good.

10/10. Customizable controls make for an enjoyable experience.

Definitely worth playing through if your computer can handle it. Remember, IE only. 8/10

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