We all know the standard way to work on a jigsaw puzzle. Start with the borders, then try to find similar colors. You suddenly realize your younger sibling either lost or ate some of the pieces and you give up in a fit of frustration. The nice thing about a flash puzzle game is there’s no way you can lose any pieces. The really nice thing about JigCircle is that you don’t have to drag pieces all over the board to try and find the edges first. JigCircle has the pieces presented to you in concentric circles and your goal is to get all of the image to line up.

Click and drag the pieces to move them around the circle. The higher the level, the more circles you will have to work with. When you move one piece of the puzzle it will swap out the next piece in the direction you are moving the puzzle part, not the whole circle. Each piece belongs in a certain part of the circle and cannot be moved to an inner or outer circle, just around the same radius.

There’s not much to speak of in terms of graphics, considering these are jumbled up photographs that you have to sort back out. You get a small preview of the image before you start the level, then a quick shot of the picture before it gets jumbled up and you have to work from memory. The tougher levels are the pictures of the berries, the Cheerios, and the orange. This is mostly because there aren’t enough distinguishing characteristics to help you quickly identify what should be going where.

No music is to be heard in this game and there are very few sound effects. You can mute the sound effects, but really all you’re muting is the noise indicating the start of the level, the sound of the tiles moving around, and the camera shutter as the level is completed. While the sound effects were sufficient I felt they were lacking a bit.

6/10. The source images are photographs and I’m not even sure if they’re original shots from the author.

9/10. How quickly can you finish the levels. Replay value is pretty high as the puzzles get jumbled every time you play.

3/10. Needs music. Heck, Jeopardy has music for when people are writing up their answers for the final question.

10/10. Awesome take on the classic jigsaw.

8/10. All you need is your mouse.

While the audio and graphics aren’t anything to write home about the game itself is very solid and quite fun to play. Give it a spin. 7/10

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