City Smasher

City Smasher


Ever want to be one of those guys, trying to fend off godzilla? No? Well, how about being a colossus
like Godzilla herself? Indeed.

Obvious questions aside, This game is quite the fun thing to play. Game-play consists of side-scrolling through the city, praying on the tiny. The tiny can’t fight back, but in objective mode, you are on a time limit. In the sandbox mode, you can test out your abilities in the field of destruction without a time limit. There are multiple way to beat up the little pedestrians. Light the hundreds of stick figures on fire, guaranteeing you a steady death toll rise as time goes on. Or, you can throw them into the air, And if your aim is true, it’ll nail an airplane, giving you a good number of points. You can just kick the crowds.

The challenge of objective mode is how it tasks you to do things. “blow up 20 of these!” or perhaps “hit 15 aircraft before time runs out!”. These are real quick to change, and get gradually more challenging. I can’t get too far, but I had a blast in my time playing. Be the game fun as it is, there is no music, and no pause. The high-scores are nice, though. My favorite moment of playing this game wold have to of been when I took out two planes by throwing a single guy at em.

Smooth animations with some cool styling.

Real fun, gets challenging.

No in-game music, but the screams help!

You are a very big man, parade around the city breaking things.

The combos go off smoothly, and the controls are all keyboard

Also, the big guy has a wicked mohawk.

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