Active Defense Revolution

Active Defense Revolution


Before you roll your eyes at yet another defense game being reviewed, this is an active defense game. You move your turret around the screen and attack your enemies. Be aware that the enemies fire back so you’d best be taking advantage of the fact that you can move around. Obtain pixels from the enemies you destroy to place towers. I do wish there were more options to place your towers, but beggars can’t be choosers. Earn points by finishing levels then use these points between the levels to purchase new weapons and upgrades.

WSAD to move your turret and mouse to aim and fire. There is no pause and that would have been really helpful. The levels are moderately long as you need to tackle each wave before you can take a break. The enemies spawn out of monster generators much like Gauntlet. Unlike Gauntlet, this game doesn’t allow you to destroy the monster generators. You have to defend your base from the enemy instead. The enemies will try to destroy your base first, but they’ll go after you if they see you first.

Though the game may be top-down it does remind me of the original Battlezone. I think it’s the wireframe graphics that draw this correlation. There’s not a lot going on with the animations or the graphics, but the game is certainly nice and glowy. You can change the volume of the music, the sound effects, and the gun separately or you can mute them altogether. The music is a rather repetitive loop but it’s appropriate for the game.

7/10. Decent retro-style graphics.

7/10. Fun to play and some replay value, but it really needs a pause option.

8/10. Plenty of audio volume control options, not much music variety though.

6/10. Defense game that doesn’t expand on the genre much.

7/10. Solid controls, would be nice to have arrow keys as an option as well.

This could use a little tweaking to make it a better game. As is it’s still pretty good but there’s room for improvement. 7/10

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