Paladin: The Game

Paladin: The Game


An evil god doesn’t like the way things are going on earth so he decides to take over the body of a simple farm hand. He rises to power and turns everyone into zombies and proceeds to take over the world. Two people survive, a priest and a little baby. They escape to a church basement and the priest trains the boy to become an ultimate killing machine. Putting aside the issues of which is the morally right path to take, this makes for a pretty cool storyline and is the basis of Paladin: The Game.

The default controls are WASD but they are completely customizable if that configuration doesn’t fit your needs. There’s a lot of buttons that do a lot of things, so you may have trouble finding a configuration beyond the default that works for you. Regardless, keep in mind that you have a key for kick (usually F) and that allows you to float to the ground. You also have to hold down a button to cast spells (usually shift) and the vampire boss in the cage can only be hit by spells. Make sure you know that button well.

Jazza, the artist behind the Paladin story on NewGrounds, provided the art for this game. Since the source material was already established it was a pretty simple matter of getting it animated and put into a game. The game holds very close to the comic series so you can get the gist of the storyline from either one. It just depends on if you like your stories to be a passive or interactive experience. Jazza shows incredible improvement over the course of his story and you can see just how good he has become by the time this game came out.

You can mute the audio from the main menu or from within the game. There is full voice acting, excellent sound effects and great music, so you really will be missing out if you do opt to mute the music. There are subtitles during the interludes so you won’t miss the majority of the storyline, though one of your companions does have some amusing remarks to make during combat so keep that in mind as well if you do choose to mute.

10/10. Excellent graphics, really top notch.

8/10. Lag issues towards the end mar what could otherwise be an incredible game.

10/10. Strong voice acting, full music tracks and impressive sound effects.

9/10. Based off of the Paladin comics on NewGrounds, so very solid storyline. Otherwise a side-scroller.

10/10. Completely customizable controls.

I’m not sure what caused the lag in the last few levels but it made the game almost completely unplayable. Resolve this and the game would be perfect. 9/10

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