Got a hankering for zombies you can really blow the crap out of? Already played “The Last Stand”, “Thing-Thing” and “Boxhead”? Then we’ve got the product for you. Simply apply absolute.Madness to your Pelvis every two hours for half an hour over the course of six weeks, and you’ll be burning with bloodlust in no time.
I like many others am an avid fan of the Madness Combat series by Krinkles. His lengthy animations of mindless violence are one of the few things I can enjoy coming back home to after a hard days work. Madness Interactive, a game inspired by this series put you behind an antagonist on your way to…well…not much. I was somewhat disappointed by that game. Whilst it was detailed, feature filled and mildly amusing, it got boring quickly and had a fairly steep difficulty.
Absolute.Madness I feel is different and it is. Taking it in a wholly different direction to the adaptation, a.m is a very simple platformer with few bells and whistles attached. The music is classic madness remixed and nice new tunes that completely fit the atmosphere. Sadly some of the sound effects are less than appealing; the uzi sound is ridiculous and annoying and to worsen matters, there is no mute.
But don’t let that discourage you, it is a wonderful ride and has a generous learning curve. The graphics are simple yet stylish and are slapped onto a stable game engine. AI is simple, move close to player, fire weapon a load of times, but quite frankly it needs nothing more. Fun level design and classic level progression will flood you with nostalgia.
Sporting a reasonable arsenal, you progress through various grunts, zombies, and familiar boss’ comes into the fray. Whilst it is short there’s plenty of fun to be had and the last boss proves quite hard at first. I’d highly recommend you get a’hold of your keyboard and mouse and show the clown and his cronies a thing or two.

9/10. Chic, clean and ready for playing.

8/10. Great on a lonely friday night with a box of nachos.

7/10. Fantastic music, decent sound effects…mostly. No Mute.

7/10. Good interpretation of a great series.

8/10. Good game, easy to play. Not loads to play with.

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4 Comments on “absolute.Madness”

  1. Jonno_Gradian Says:

    My pelvis, you say? I must try this new remedy at once!!

    btw, your link on the picture takes you to this site. That address is just an example, you’re meant to change it to the game page’s address with your referral attached.

  2. hoodlum4hire Says:

    Oh, missed that sorry. I did this at around 11pm so give me some credit okay? ^ ^;

  3. thalarion Says:

    Whoops, shoulda caught that one myself. It’s fixed now 🙂

  4. Venzael Says:

    Nice first review. I tried the game, but I’m awful at it xD

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