Drakojan Skies Acolyte

Drakojan Skies Acolytes


It’s not often you see a decent Flash shmup on Kong. They are always either unfinished in one way or another, or the game is ruined by tryhard gameplay (One example, not naming names, even decides to kill your aiming just because you’ve moved down the screen).
But then you’ve got Drakojan Skies Acolytes, which I must say is orgasmic in my opinion, compared to the other shmups you get on Kongregate. You’ve got your classic fantasy plotline, Rebel against a royal Empire to protect and defend a lesser people, complete with rebel-rebels. Though, I’m not quite sure how a huge race of dragons can’t defend THEMSELVES, but hey, go with the flow =D.
Then you’ve got terrific gamelay, and yes, I do find holding a button and owning stuff to be amazing gameplay. Mainly because of the seemingly infinite amount of upgrades you can get. Seriously, your weapons just get better and better and better. There’s also the secondary objective you get in certain levels which can make your Kick-arse-ness even higher.
Saying this, I must say, Low quality is a MUST forthis game. Why? ’cause the graphics are brilliant! Minus one hiccup at a bad attempt at drawing a bird =S. Be very warned, The Boss Battles may be too graphical for most machines, more than once I’ve spiked and been owned by the time I’ve gotten back to normality.
You may have noticed that this game must be huge, and it is. Besides the upgrades, the many many different characters to play and ships to fly, equalling lots of different dialogues *drools*. You’ve also a brilliant soundtrack, though if you’re not into metal music, you may wanna turn it down a little =).

10/10. As good as it gets, amazing.

9/10. Typical shmup, with a couple of extra dimensions.

7/10. I adore it. But only cause I adore metal. Also there’s no mute button.

9/10. Tried and tested neo-fantasy awesomness. Quite a few times.

9/10. Brilliant until the boss battles, requiring a drop in quality.

An almost perfect morsel of awesomeness. If it weren’t for the lag, and the lack of variety on the music front. 9/10.

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