Walk in the park

Walk In The Park


In this here game you are tasked with taking your handicapped-guitar-playing owner on a walk. Interestingly enough, its a puzzle-platformer. A hard one, at that. The obstacles are of great number, and so are the interesting power-us.

The physics are good, but one quarrel. The little doggy seems to be heavier than the man. This really messed up some of my logic for jumps, not to mention unleashed hell on some of the physic-based puzzles. This is, actually, one of the only bad things I have found In the game. The other is the off balance difficulty, with one level being either harder or easier then the last.

Now for the good! And man, is there a lot of it. The art is cute, the power-ups are cool, and the game is something of a challenge. The puzzle involve barking at a bunny until it goes into a cave and pulls a lever. The puzzles are never too obvious, and provide, at times, careful thought. There are a good amount of levels, This WILL keep you entertained.

9/10. The art style is well developed.

8/10. Solid puzzle platformer

6/10. Theres only the sounds of barking and your owner playing the guitar

10/10. A park platformer. Awesome.

9/10. All arrow keys

Think about this next time you go to a park. You’ll need it.

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