Zen Plants

Zen Plants


This game really should be called Zen Cactii. Who knew that the cactus was the model plant for Zen Buddhists, at least for the first few levels. You eventually are promoted to taking care of roses and other flowers, but as the flower type changes, so do the requirements of the plants. Regardless, your Zen master thinks it’s a good exercise of judgment to have you take care of his prized plants while not leaving you any instructions as to the specific needs of each plant. You only have 7 days to figure out what each plant needs before you kill it off and lose the level. Right, no pressure there. Each variable has multiple levels of adjustment and you don’t want to change too much at any one time or else you won’t know what variables are working and what aren’t. When you get something right it tells you that you did, but not what you’re actually managing to do right.

Use your mouse to manipulate objects in this environment. Clicking on the watering can will provide more water to the plant and if you give it too much you can cycle back through to the start. The author didn’t set up any boundary boxes and instead you have to click on the specific object to change a variable. Beyond that there isn’t much to the controls. You can always tweak something if you need to before clicking ok.

There are some animations in the background, such as a flying bird. The flower changes state with the correct amount of care it is receiving or lacking and there are some really neat little details with things like the water droplet sliding down the spout of the can to eventually drip on the table. The graphics aren’t the most impressive thing in the world but they work pretty well for the game.

The song is a simple chillout loop that plays in the background and while it is pretty easy to tune out it gets old quickly. There are volume controls located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the speaker icon to lower the volume. Successive clicks make the music and sound effects

8/10. Nice attention to detail in this game.

6/10. The variables are the same every time through so not much replay value.

7/10. Decent music and sound effects. Hooray for mute.

8/10. How lucky are your guesses?

8/10. Again with the mouse!

I noticed some oddities where if you messed with one variable first (like water on level one) then you can never get that variable right. Not sure what’s going on there but other than that this was a fun game. 7/10

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