Fire In The Hole 2

Fire In The Hole 2


Fire In The Hole 2 is an overhead shooter in the same vein as Ikari Warriors. There are only three levels but they’re chock full of enemies for you to blast away at. Speaking of blasting, you have a large assortment of weapons at your disposal with which to do the deed. Select from an assault rifle, automatic rifle, shotgun, flamethrower, or rpg launcher to kill your enemies with. But wait, the fun doesn’t end there! You also can use hand grenades, incendiary grenades, mines, napalm airstrikes, and artillery fire to bring your enemies to their knees. Quite the deal, there.

Use the WASD or arrow keys to maneuver your avatar around the playing field. The area you can move in is about as twice as wide as you can see at any one time so keep moving back and forth to make sure you don’t miss any weapon upgrades or health packs. Both will appear in crates on the ground, typically near rocks or buildings. Use your mouse to aim and fire your primary weapon and use the spacebar to fire your secondary weapon. Also keep in mind that while you can move back some you can’t keep going backwards on the field. The controls were understandably difficult to set up for this game but considering I sometimes had to change secondary weapons in the heat of battle it would have been nice to have some buttons close at hand with which to do that.

The graphics are quite good for this game. The animations are detailed and there are a variety of death animations for the enemy. My personal favorite was watching the head disappear in a spray of red mist while the cap the enemy was wearing floats back down to earth. What I was rather disappointed by, however, was the bullets. Your bullets are little white spheres and the enemies fire little orange spheres back at you. Since when could you kill at person with an AirSoft gun? Well, at least at range, that is. The landscape is dotted with multiple trees, rocks, and even some buildings which look like they’re straight out of a WWII-era European village.

Start up your first mission in Fire In The Hole 2 and the first thing you’re going to hear is birds chirping away in the background. It seems an odd choice for such a violent game, but then again you are out in the woods so there we are. One of the other sounds you’re bound to run across (other than incessant gunfire) is the agonized screams of the soldiers dying of gutshots. I can’t confirm this, but I think their yelling actually draws the attention of other enemy soldiers so make sure you put them out of their misery quickly. They’re easily identifiable as they’re the only ones still moving amidst the piles of corpses you leave in your wake.

8/10. Fairly detailed graphics

9/10. Definitely fun to play and some replay value to see if you can’t improve your percentages.

4/10. Good sound effects but no music or mute.

7/10. Overhead shooters are always a blast.

7/10. Decent control setup, but alternate controls for the secondary weapon selection would have helped.

There is no difficulty setting for this game but it is entirely possible to beat the whole game in one sitting. 7/10

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