How’s this for irony? You’re a head without a body, yet your name is Corpus. For those not in the know, corpus is latin for “body.” Anyway, Corpus decides one day that he wants a body of his own. Not having any arms or legs, it’s fairly impressive that he’s able to move around at all, but he seems to manage for the most part. Roll and jump around the levels dodging angry faces, spikes, and collecting coins to reach the end and proceed to the next area.

Press WAD to jump and move left and right respectively. Your left and right arrow keys can be used to turn the music on and off and the space bar performs various functions in the game. There seem to be some very frustrating boundary box issues when it comes to enemies. You may think you’ve cleared that angry face frowning at you but you’ll probably still die. The best bet for the movement is to plan ahead and jump early, otherwise you may find yourself starting the level over. Also, patience is key when you’re jumping to the next area. There are a lot of places where platforms are moving around so don’t go jumping blindly.

Corpus has some animations, though the game seems laggy at times. I’m not sure why this is, but there are times when you jump and and the game slows down. It must be a conspiracy against jumping… There isn’t a lot of details to the graphics; really it’s pretty simplistic. However this adds to the charm of the game more than anything. Jectoons opted to include music and the ability to mute this music, but the choice of using the arrow keys to control the music was admittedly a little peculiar. There are no sound effects to be found here and that would have been a nice added bonus, but at least there’s music.

8/10. A for effort here. I liked how the graphics turned out.

7/10. Annoying that you have to start over from the beginning of the level if you die. Checkpoints would be nice.

6/10. There’s music and a mute, but no sound effects. Where be the sound effects?

9/10. Side scrollers are definitely old school, but this game is definitely a riot to play.

6/10. The controls work okay, but alternate controls or ones that can be configured would be nice. Boundary box issues with the enemies need to be resolved as well.

There are a few issues here and there I would like to see addressed but Corpus is fun to play. Just don’t kill your monitor trying to get through the levels 😉 7/10

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One Comment on “Corpus”

  1. Jectoons Says:

    Awesome! Thanks a lot for reviewing my game.
    I have to say this was a first attempt for a platformer. You should expect a sequel soon… or not?

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